Striking architecture with bold and sophisticated interiors

30 июля 2014
Today we are heading to Melbourne to see a home with striking architecture designed by In2 building designers. The brief was for a

Shiplap timber and rammed earth beauty

2 июля 2014
This striking timber-clad design features a clever combination of some our favourite materials – rammed earth, concrete and

Venice Beach bungalow among the trees

18 июня 2014
This striking home was designed for a couple by architectural designer Sebastian Mariscal with an emphasis on retaining the existi

Rugged architectural beauty in the Glasshouse mountains

23 февраля 2014
This home in the Glass House mountains of Queensland was designed by Bark Design Architects as a place of ‘glass and stone’ wi

The house that we built

15 февраля 2014
I’m excited today to be sharing my personal architecture journey with you! Hubby & I have followed the work of Bourne Bl

Inner city Melbourne reinvention with a twist

27 августа 2013
Often architects challenge their clients to trust them with a bold and unusual vision and this house is a case in point. While the

Moorish and Asian fusion for pavilion architecture

16 августа 2013
This home in Austin, Texas was designed by Bercy Chen Studio to accommodate two families and consists of two pavilions connected b

Treehouse architecture in Mexico

31 июля 2013
This stunning treehouse in Mexico as actually one of four townhouses built in a beautiful garden filled plot where going up made t

Inner-city Brisbane architecture: the Park House

16 июля 2013
It’s difficult to imagine this house in its original “spec home” format – Shaun Lockyer Architects have ce

The ‘Deck House’ in the forest

17 апреля 2013
The brief to architect Choo Gim Wah for the “Deck house” in Malaysia was simple: to design an unassuming, simple and

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