Raw materials with tailored comfort for island retreat

10 April 2013
Conceived as a camp, this luxury family retreat was designed by Fearon Hay Architects as an arrangement of freestanding structures

Rustic natural palette at Coopers Beach

22 March 2013
This New Zealand holiday home won the prestigious Residential Architecture award from the New Zealand Institute of Architects in 2

Modern new architectural vision for a cottage in York Bay

11 March 2013
This beautiful cottage in the New Zealand capital of Wellington has recently received a creative new vision centred on giving a &#

Storm cottage retreat in the NZ wilderness

6 March 2013
Oh how beautiful this remote cottage is! Located on the east coast of Great Barrier Island in New Zealand is a house designed like

Seamless and sustainable architecture in Big Sur, California

22 February 2013
Even the most ardent greenie would be hard-pressed to critisize the seamless landscape integration of this home design! Set into t

Serene, minimalist beach house in Auckland

19 February 2013
This magnificent minimalist beach house in Auckland is situated on a long narrow site that descends 15m to sea level. Designed by

Nature inspired architectural design

17 February 2013
The Rutherford House is located in Taupo Tauranga/Oruatua, NZ and was created by Dorrington Architects & Associates. The brief

Floating house over Lake Huron

24 January 2013
Look at this amazing house built over the waters of Lake Huron in Ontario, Candada. It was designed by Mos Design to float during

Architectural ‘platform in the bush’

17 January 2013
The owners of this beautiful “platform in the bush” wanted to create a building that slotted lightly into the lush sur

Sustainable beauty in Waverley

14 January 2013
This modern home in Waverley has been designed with a long list of sustainable features and was a finalist for the BPN Sustainabil

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