The ‘Deck House’ in the forest

By Kim McFayden 7 years ago
The ‘Deck House’ in the forest

The brief to architect Choo Gim Wah for the “Deck house” in Malaysia was simple: to design an unassuming, simple and ‘modern’ looking house. Built on steep terrain in a lush forest, the home was designed to hug the terrain with minimum interference to the existing slope. Functioning like a traditional tropical house the home features high ceilings, natural light and cross-ventilation and designed as a lightweight construction in steel and glass to achieve a lightweight feeling. The extensive use of glass enables virtually uninterrupted views of the forest canopy.

Designhunter loves…the use of dark windows to highlight the forest views, the stunning paintings and bold coloured furniture.

Construction materials: Steel, concrete, glass and timber floors.

Sustainable features: Most trees adjacent to building were saved, no air-conditioning used due to solar passive principles of solar orientation and cross-ventilation.

[Photography by Kenneth Lim, Gray Studio]

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