Inner-city Brisbane architecture: the Park House

By Kim McFayden 7 years agoComment
Inner-city Brisbane architecture: the Park House

It’s difficult to imagine this house in its original “spec home” format – Shaun Lockyer Architects have certainly done an amazing job dramatically altering and extending the home in a way more fitting to the fantastic park-side location in inner city Brisbane. The lifestyle areas of the house were re-designed so that the kitchen, living and dining areas optimise the indoor/outdoor living experience. The second, and perhaps more dramatic change was the addition of the ‘Park Room’ over the existing living areas, providing a subtropical indoor/outdoor living area. This addition allowed natural light to penetrate deep into the lower floor living spaces and created a sense of drama by introduced a number of voids. The new home was fitted with bespoke timber joinery, marble accents and a beautifully landscaped perimeter to heighten the enjoyment and experience of the new spaces. Go ahead and be amazed!

[Photography by Scott Burrows]

  ARCHITECTURE, asian aesthetic, cantilever, elements, extension / addition, glass, inside/out connection, materials, minimalist, timber
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