Modern Asian aesthetic for beach house at White Rock

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This recycled timber and fibre cement beach house at White Rock was designed by award-winning architect Virginia Kerridge. This is what Virginia said about her inspiration for the design “The architecture of Rudolph Schindler was an inspiration. We were  interested in his fascination with rhythm and scale. In Schindler’s work the building and landscape was a metaphor for camping out in the wilderness. In carrying out that metaphor he abandoned all conventional rooms. The exterior and interior composition consisted of horizontal and vertical planes as definers of space. The lower level, which is the children’s level, relates to a linear outside space with a strong emphasis on horizontality. In contrast, the upper level relates to the sky and the view of the water, so these rooms have a sense of exhilaration and openness. The design is also inspired by a great respect and admiration for nature.

[photography by Tim Pascoe]

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