Stunning apartment refurbishment in Marseilles

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This apartment is located near the beaches of Marseilles on the South coast of France. After years living in the upper floor apartment, the owners acquired the basement to create a larger home for their growing family. The larger space was designed by French interior designer, Maurice Padovani. What works really well is the neutral base with accents of black light fittings and accessories, contrasting against the white background walls and painted out timber beam ceilings. The interesting textured wallpapers over the windows and the stairs are unusual and give the space another dimension. The apartment is given further punch with the selection of designer furnishings and accessories including La Leggara dining chairs, leather butterfly chair, Eames Eiffel-base arm chairs, and Greg couch by Zanotta. There are also a number of iconic lights, including a Zettel’z chandelier, the Twiggy floor lamp arching over the dining table and Diesel’s Rock lamps. For me the standout feature of the room are those amazing stairs!


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