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Nugunguru means “rumbling tides” in Maori language, and is the name of the coastal area where this impressive and unusual home is located, on the North Island of New Zealand. Tennent + Brown Architects were inspired by the beautiful narrow coastal views between existing trees when they came up with the idea of the house as a bush camp: a collection of rooms along a central path with outdoor spaces in between, and culminating at the end in a pool. A canopy of latticework seemingly draped over the structure provides an eye-catching feature, casting dappled patterns of light and exuding the feeling of living under a tree canopy. The design seeks to take advantage of the warm climate, with outdoor spaces offering a place to catch the sun or retreat from the sea breezes. Sustainable design principles were incorporated in the design including passive solar orientation, sustainably sourced materials, concrete floors for thermal mass and water collection tanks. [Photography by Paul McCredie]

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